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High Build Liquid Rubber

High Build is primarily used as a waterproofing membrane. It is also excellent as an anti-slip product, sound deadening solution and for rust prevention. The high viscosity of High Build allows it to be used to cover small cracks, or to coat vertical surfaces.

High Build is a bitumen modified polymer specifically designed for a wide range of protective coating applications. High Build provides unparalleled adhesion while maintaining great flexibility allowing for a resilient waterproof membrane

Waterproofing Uses

- Waterproofing underground substrates
- Retaining walls
- Garden Beds
- Waterproof patching/filler
- Waterproofing large construction joints (non-expansion joints)
- Joint filling
- Protection of concrete substrates against moisture, salt and chloride attack.

Surface Preparation

Surfaces must be clean, sound, stable and free of: loose foreign material; existing coatings; laitance; release agents; curing compounds and oil/grease residues.


High Build is a single component product that may be applied using a brush or roller, since High Build cures by evaporation, an application temperature of 10-30°C is recommended. Applying in a single thick coat is recommended.
High Build should be applied to a dry, clean surface free of oil or grease. Application is not recommended if heavy rains are imminent, or in high humidity environments. Where there are joints or cracks using a reinforcing layer is recommended.
High Build is applied between 1.6 – 4.8 L/m2 for a dry film thickness (dft) of 1mm – 3mm protective membrane.

High Build typically dries to the touch in two minutes at 20°C. High Build fully dries within 24 hours at 20°C and 50% relative humidity, when applied at a thickness of 1 mm (drying time will increase with a thicker coat) and is completely cured in 48 hrs, this curing time may vary depending on temperature and relative humidity.

Safety and Storage

High Build is mildly alkaline. When applying this product proper safety precautions should be taken. Eye protection, gloves and other suitable protective equipment should be worn. For further information please consult the product MSDS.
High Build should be kept out of the reach of children. Avoid storage below 5°C. Please consult the Material Safety Data Sheet before using High Build.
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