Frequently asked questions

How is Liquid Rubber applied?

Liquid Rubber can be applied using a brush or roller for best results. Brushes and rollers are available for purchase with our products. Different grades (thicknesses) of Liquid Rubber can also be ordered for special applications for example with an airless spray gun.

How much Liquid Rubber per square meter?

Depending on the situation we always recommend to use at least 3 Litres per Square meter or more for waterproofing applications.

How do I store leftover product?

As with any kind of paint or solvent, once opened, the shelf life of the product will begin to decrease (generally due to the top layer skinning off). To prolong the life of your product for future application, ensure lid is replaced tightly (sealed well) and store in a cool dry place.

Can I seal my caravan with Liquid Rubber?

Yes, it’s so easy to fix your caravan with Liquid Rubber you just want to make sure you read our caravan guide when its compleated to seal it right the first time.

What does Liquid Rubber adhere to?

Liquid Rubber adheres well to woods, concrete, metals, plastics, and most other surfaces. For optimum results, we recommend roughening non-porous surfaces (such as smooth plastics or tiles) prior to application.