Liquid Rubber High Build 15L Kit

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High Build is primarily used as a waterproofing membrane. It is also excellent as an anti-slip product, sound deadening solution and for rust prevention.

High Build is a bitumen modified polymer specifically designed for a wide range of protective coating applications. High Build provides unparalleled adhesion while maintaining great flexibility allowing for a resilient waterproof membrane.

this product is applied between 1.6 – 4.8 L/m2 for a dry film thickness (dft) of 1mm – 3mm protective membrane.
High Build is a single component product that may be applied using a brush or roller, since High Build cures by evaporation, an application temperature of 10-30°C is recommended. Applying in a single thick coat is recommended. This product can also be cured faster by spraying the catalyst over the painted surface after the application.
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