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KOMODO® Man’s Vigilant Touch Screen Safety Gloves are the pinnacle of our KOMODO range.

KOMODO® Man’s Vigilant range is clever, he understands the power of multitasking, KOMODO® Man’s Vigilant Gloves will be your tech savvy protector.

KOMODO® Man has his core strength and agility characteristics you love, but he is now enhanced with leading edge smart phone compatible technology, which makes KOMODO® Man’s Vigilant Glove range a force to be reckoned with.

The Glove Company’s KOMODO® Vigilant’s are our most technically advanced gloves in our KOMODO® range, they are our premium safety work gloves.

KOMODO® Vigilant’s are different to any other glove on the market, our safety gloves feature smart fibres that are touch screen compatible, sweat wicking and insanely comfortable, which enables your pair of KOMODO® Vigilant Gloves to move with you.

KOMODO® Vigilant Touch Screen Safety Gloves also offer the user complete PPE safety protection while increasing the users’ productivity and efficiency.

The Glove Company is staying one step ahead of the game, as technology advances we are only going to have more and more touch screen operated devices in the workplace.

Todays workers are increasingly required to multitask, and this means everytime a worker swaps between tasks, they have to take off or put on their gloves. Which over time results in lower productivity and higher risk of hand injuries due to human error.

That is why we have created our KOMODO® Vigilant Touch Screen Safety Gloves, that have bionic-like features, which have been designed to contour to your skin, forming a super tough and agile second skin.

KOMODO® Man’s Vigilant Touch Screen Safety gloves,
The glove you won’t ever need or want to take off!
Smartphone compatible work gloves.

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